Pling Plong 2 iPhone Game

Sensei Zen's Pro Tips:

Master a consistent fling: Try sliding your finger the same distance each time, and adjust the speed accordingly. Sliding your finger too short usually will result in your fling either going faster or slower than you intended.

Master the straight shot: If you don’t like the angle you are sliding your finger, rotate your iPhone to provide an easier sliding path, usually vertical.

Master the world tricks: Each world will provide a different type of challenge, so be sure to read the tutorial screen at the beginning of each world to find out what to expect from that world.

Master the round name:
Each round name will provide a hint to what the round will be like.

Master a top score:
Gather extra points by causes ricochets and combos to increase your score. However, gaining small bonuses at the cost of a fling is rarely worth it. The best way to gain a high score is to free play each world to master its tricks.

Master the edges: When you are too close to an edge it may be difficult to put your finger in the right place to get the power of the slide you want. You can easily solve this by placing your finger anywhere on the screen and slide it at the same angle you would if it wasn’t on the edge.