Pling Plong 2 iPhone Game

Pling Plong 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch is a fun and maddeningly addictive game that lures you in with its simple concept, and then it hooks you.

The object is to slide one ball (the plong) with your finger tip and bump it into one of the surrounding stationary balls (the plings). However, you are only given a limited number of flings to light up, or turn on, the plings. The plongs bounce off of the plings and ricochet into other surrounding plings, turning those plings off or on in the process.

Every time that a pling is bumped (either accidentally or intentionally), it is activated or de-activated. This sequence can turn even the most mild-mannered soul into an intense, obsessive, and hard-core Pling Plong 2 addict in record time. As the levels increase, so does the difficulty. Obstacles throughout 9 themed worlds are added that you have to work around, time limits change, and so does the number of moves allowed to beat these brain-draining puzzle boards.

The concept seems simple on the surface – however, the mechanics soon reveal that a much more challenging and nerve-wracking premise is actually at work, undermining your progress. To be successful, Pling Plong 2 requires finesse, strategy, and nerves of steel.