Pling Plong 2 iPhone Game

World 1 This is the home of Sensei Zen. The Zen Spa is a place of peace and tranquility. Try not to lose your cool in this tranquil place as cherry blossoms fall from overhead
World 2 The desert, hot and sandy, is not an easy place to roll. There are mirages, and thorny cacti that block can cause you trouble.
World 3 The temple is filled with old ruins, and half working booby traps! Use them to your advantage to reach places that would normally be out of reach.
World 4 The jungle is a thick nastiness hidden in a thick canopy. It is tough to squeeze between trees, but even tougher if you run into the hidden landmines.
World 5 The sun has fallen and left you to wander through the darkness. The enemies surround you, but you are unable to see where they are, where you are going, or where you have been.
World 6 The bridge across the sky is narrow, be careful close to the edges of the walkway as you will fall to your end. The clouds pass slowly and cause a loss of visibility. Patience is a virtue required to endure.
World 7 The frozen slick of the ice is a hard place for you to find tracking. This makes you slide further, which when crushing through barriers becomes an asset, but when trying to slide short becomes a burden.
World 8 The garden is a maze of hedges where left becomes a way to reach right, and right left. The hedge maze will leave your mind spinning: what is up and what is down?
World 9 Only the worthy know what awaits them upon entering World 9...